1.4 Gigapixel Favicon Poster of Alexa Top Sites

August 26, 2010

1.4 Gigapixel Favicon Poster of Alexa Top Sites

The engineers over at nmap.org created this 37,440 x 37,440 pixel visualization of the top million websites, proportionally sized according to Alexa traffic. Use their interactive viewer to pan, zoom and search the 1.4 gigapixel image.

Alexa Top Sites

Guess we'll have to make the cut next year.

Ben Leivian

Ben Leivian

I'm Ben, a designer/developer for Drawbackwards. Professionally; I enjoy the command-line, crafting points & pixels, and writing semantic markup & styles. Personally; I love family time, music, and anything involving power tools. Enjoying my posts? you may also like my tweets.

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