An AIGA Seed Awards Interactive Application by Dan Luo

September 28, 2012

An AIGA Seed Awards Interactive Application by Dan Luo

Dan Luo, a New Jersey-based graphic, interaction and UI designer, created this interactive application for AIGA Atlanta to present 2011's SEED award winners. The application allows users to navigate the competition's 14 interaction design winners through a touch screen interface.

Design, danluo, aigaseed
Design, danluo, aigaseed

With the goals of presenting the winners' work and information clearly and conveniently, Dan knew problems would arise if users went online to view the interactive designs. Since the unpredictable and varied navigation could get unruly and leave the next user in an unintuitive experience, she wanted to find a way to keep the user in a single, seamless experience.

In order to solve this problem, she instead chose to introduce each piece using a video capture of the winning design in action, displaying video and design in tandem with info about the designer and project. Thus users would get a taste of the design and experience and learn more about the project's background.

In keeping with the playful branding of the competition, Dan created 14 unique but coordinating graphic buttons that seem to interact with each other on the screen space, building a dynamic composition that blended with the exhibition space. The interface helped convey the theme of the exhibition — "modulation." Clicking a transparent button navigates the user to one of the winning entries.

Design, danluo, aigaseed
Design, danluo, aigaseed

Curious about the competition finalists? Dan's interface isn't available online, but you can see the 2011 winners at the SEED Awards page.

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