Art of the Menu: A Site for Hungry Typogravores

January 2, 2012

Art of the Menu: A Site for Hungry Typogravores

It's easy enough to point out rookie design mistakes on a menu, such as using the cringe-inducing Papyrus (Stop It!) or excessive dingbats and drop shadows. But how often do we ignore our rumbling tummies long enough to note good menu design?

Art of the Menu recognizes this seemingly utilitarian object as a true art form and celebrates the root of a well-designed menu: expertly executed typography. "It has to be clear, legible (sometimes just under candle light), and representative of the cuisine. Menus are a light version of data visualization and information design: Helping the diner navigate between courses, options, and prices," the folks at AotM declare. "At a restaurant, the menu is the ultimate ambassador for the establishment’s identity: Logo front and center on the cover. A good menu adds to the overall brand experience."

If you're looking for a good place to start browsing the collection, take a gander at the Best of 2011, which we feature a sampling of below.

The Blue Pig Tavern—Cape May, NJ
Design, artofmenu, graphic
Design, artofmenu, graphic

The Alembic—San Francisco, CA
Design, artofmenu, graphic
Design, artofmenu, graphic

Betlem—Barcelona, Spain
Design, artofmenu, graphic
Design, artofmenu, graphic

Kay Bros Barbeque—Gainesville, FL
Design, artofmenu, graphic
Design, artofmenu, graphic

A division of UnderConsideration, the Art of the Menu highlights menu design from all over the world and provides a great source of design inspiration; you can search by location or cuisine at the site.

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Lindsey Burrows

Lindsey Burrows

Hi, I'm Lindsey. I'm new to the team, and I look forward to sharing some of my design discoveries with you. By day, I am the art director and page designer of a foreign policy magazine in Washington, DC. By night, you might find me with my nose in a book or scoping out the District's restaurant or bar de jour. You can follow my twitterings at @lindseyburrows.

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