The Beats iPhone App Visual Development Progression

October 17, 2011

The Beats iPhone App Visual Development Progression

I came across this UI design progression for Beats, an advanced DJ metronome and key-mixing aid. It's pretty cool to see the app interface develop from its earlier stages to it's polished final form.

The Beats metronome supports beat, duple and triplet timing, and can be “pushed” and “pulled” to get it in sync with songs in the same way DJs beatmix with CDJs or Technics 1200s. "It won’t mix the records for you or get you a drink from the bar, but it might help you become a better DJ."

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Ben Leivian

Ben Leivian

I'm Ben, a designer/developer for Drawbackwards. Professionally; I enjoy the command-line, crafting points & pixels, and writing semantic markup & styles. Personally; I love family time, music, and anything involving power tools. Enjoying my posts? you may also like my tweets.

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