The Beyond Earth Poster Series by Stephen Di Donato

August 10, 2011

The Beyond Earth Poster Series by Stephen Di Donato

Stephen Di Donato, a designer in Montreal, wrote over to share a personal project he's been toiling away on during his evenings and weekends. Following a nostalgic re-exploration of his childhood curiosity over space travel and the cosmos, the designer found that one of the most exciting time for space exploration and imagery was between the 1950s and 60s.

Design, beyondearth, poster

Thus an idea for a space-based print collection was born. Stephen launched his Beyond Earth poster series on Kickstarter to raise funding to print these great designs.

He worked in a style reminiscent of the 1960s to reflect both the age of discovery and the capabilities and limitations of the screen printing process. His design reflects mid-century modern sensibilities along with inspiration from some of his favorite illustrators and designers.

Design, beyondearth, poster

Stephen plans to print the eight planet designs on thick 80 lb French Paper Speckletone for it's texture and quality at a respectable 18x24 inches. Based on the level of your Kickstarter donation, you could have access to the designs for digital backgrounds, postcards, posters and process notes and sketches.

Design, beyondearth, poster

Design, beyondearth, poster

<img src=" title="Design, beyondearth, poster" class="imagecache-blog-full-scale" />

Poor Pluto.

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