Choices: Which CANdidate is for you?

November 2, 2012

Choices: Which CANdidate is for you?

Tis the season for election statements, both biased an un-. Maybe you've see the Vote with Your Gum poster campaign or the 7-11 Cup Vote, prodding citizens to make a choice and show the world. San Francisco-based fine artist and designer Someguy, a.k.a. Brian Singer, preferred to create conversation around a brand mashup campaign.

The Choices collection includes screen-printed cards and a limited edition set of chromed cans filled solid with epoxy and lead and weighing in at more than three pounds each.

Design, choices, obama-romney
Design, choices, obama-romney
Design, choices, obama-romney

This potential paradox could prove confusing for those loyal to one soft drink if their choice candidate is paired up with the opposition. Whether the coupling works perfectly or not, Singer cleverly joins brands with fierce loyalty and equally intense political affiliations, which could—perhaps—also be a comment on blind reverence. On that note, don't forget to vote!

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Ward Andrews

Ward Andrews

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