Coin 4: A Surprisingly Utilitarian iPhone Case and Stand

April 28, 2012

Coin 4: A Surprisingly Utilitarian iPhone Case and Stand

How many times have you propped up your phone using a random object only to wish you'd had a real kickstand? If you're anything like me, it's happened on multiple occasions (let's be honest—youtube) and mostly with unsuccessful results. I also know that it's likely that I might (would) break a flimsy plastic kickstand protruding from my phone and/or lose an extra piece.

All reasons why I am seriously considering purchasing Urban Prefer's Coin 4. The simple and playful geometric design hides a clever function. The diagonal grooves are perfectly sized and angled to allow a coin to be inserted and used as a kick stand. This clever innovation fulfills a temporary need by utilizing an external resource that is almost always available, if not from your own pockets then from those of your potential viewers. The coin can be placed at multiple angles for optimal viewing tilt, and once the need passes simply remove and pocket the change.

Design, coin, iphone
Design, coin, iphone
Design, coin, iphone
Design, coin, iphone

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Jessica Patterson

Jessica Patterson

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