Crumpled City Maps for Urban Jungles

April 22, 2011

Crumpled City Maps for Urban Jungles

Design, crumpledcity, polomar

These ingenious map designs are the creation of Polomar, an Italian design and Florentine optic company. Their pitch is all truth—paper maps can be awkward and a hassle to deal with while on the move in the big city. Plus, these fabric maps are lighter than the average map and waterproof.

Design, crumpledcity, polomar
Design, crumpledcity, polomar
Design, crumpledcity, polomar

The Crumpled City collection currently includes 12 cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Hamburg, Lisbon, London, Milan, New York, Paris, Rome, Sydney, Tokyo. They also sell a box set of five of your favorite crumpled cities, with simple and iconic designs that pop.
Design, crumpledcity, polomar

Design, crumpledcity, polomar

The promise it takes "just two seconds" to open and close each map, which include important information on each city as well as 10 “SoulSights" ("these are places filled with intense emotions that are brought to life by the people passing through or stopping off in them"). Find Crumpled City Maps at the Polomar Shop.

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