Design for Good: One Heart Boston

April 30, 2013

Design for Good: One Heart Boston

The One Heart Boston design was crafted by Hairpin Senior Designer Aaron Bouvier as a reaction to the heart-wrenching attacks at the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15.

Often designers find themselves in a unique position to convey a larger meaning, thought or story through image, and others embrace these designs as a way to share a feeling concisely. The day after the Boston Marathon attacks, Hairpin's Aaron Bouvier designed and posted a simplified iconic graphic of the Boston skyline. Within hours of its debut One Heart Boston had been shared across social media by the thousands.

The next day, Hairpin embraced the positive reaction to the design and decided to offer it on tees, totes and prints to raise money for The One Fund Boston.

Design, boston, oneheart

By Thursday, the online store went up, and, within a few days, the site had attracted more than $30,000 in gross sales and is now closing in on $40,000. They expect more than half of the sales will go to the charity, with the rest covering production cost, shipping and taxes. Hairpin is contributing the design and volunteering their time to manage the sales. The graphic, meant to capture the "city's sense of resolve and community," even inspired a number of tattoos and was quickly embraced as a symbol of strength and support for the city. They have since sold out of totes and T-Shirts, but letterpress prints are still available.

Design, boston, oneheart
Design, boston, oneheart

The One Fund Boston seeks to help those most affected by the Boston Marathon events. Hairpin Communications is a hometown-proud, Boston-based agency "that builds brands for world-changers, do-gooders and hell-raisers."

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