Design School: Environmental Typography Design Project

September 27, 2010

Design School: Environmental Typography Design Project

Design students need to look at typography in clever and unique ways, to begin to understand that each character and word are individually a design, and to pay attention to even the smallest details.

They also should think about the concept, audience and delivery of typography in a design piece, without opening software and using the Type tool as a default.

The students in this project racked up a lot of time working with type without electronics, and spending time thinking about the design problem and how to create a message. The project ended in a series of 5 tabloid-size printed posters and this slideshow created in After Effects. (Thanks, of course, to Stefan Sagmeister, for the idea.)

Mike Beaulieu

Kate Beebe

Clayton Salazar

Shasta Phillips

Kristen Weaver

Leah Young

Katie Holloway

Shelley Neimeyer

Sarah Barrow

Mary Grace Woodruff

Genny Salvatore

Ellis Gregory

Amber Utnage

Justin DeLeon

Magen Germany

Tom Hapgood

Tom Hapgood

Tom Hapgood is a designer in Northwest Arkansas, USA, who teaches in the Visual Design area of the University of Arkansas. He teaches motion design, typography, web design and animation. Before moving to Arkansas he lived in Boston, Arizona, Germany and Italy.

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