April Fools Awards 2011

April 1, 2011
0 April Fools Awards 2011

Presenting the Bests of April 1st. Ben Leivian, Ward Andrews and I scoured the interwebs for some of this year's first-class, top-notch, A+, April first web-foolery.

Best Use of Fonts

Google changes standard font to Comic Sans.

Design, april, fools

Best Use of Lens Flare (a runner-up for Best Use of Fonts)

Dudlik Design

Design, april, fools

Best Job Listing

Job Listing: Google Autocompleter

Best Technological Advance

Gmail Motion: Beta

Best New Products

From ThinkGeek

Angry Birds Pork Rinds

The Shirt Plate

Apple Store Playset

Lightsaber Popsicles

The Minecraft Nether Portal

Best New Music

Lonely Island

We're not sure if this is in fact a joke, but we pray it's not. Set to drop 5/10 peeps.

Design, april, fools

Best Rebrand

Forty’s rebranding of IBM:

Design, april, fools

Best Website Updates reintroduced frames and your favorite 90s television.

Design, april, fools

Youtube 1911 changes videos into their original market style, silent films

Design, april, fools

Tumblr is running out of post ID numbers, so they've come up with a great fix...

Design, april, fools pruchased and to open the blog world to the underrepresented pet user market.

Design, april, fools

LinkedIn introduces new People You may Know:

Design, april, fools

Best Animation

Tia Quits Pixar

Best Sports Moment

The Onion reports “Dribbling Carmelo Anthony Demands Ball.”

Design, april, fools

Best Sweepstakes

Win the Daft Punk helmet over at Volpin Props

Design, april, fools

Best New Fragrance

Burka by Daniel Burka

Design, april, fools

Best New Games

Happy Owls from HootSuite

Design, april, fools

Angry Nerds from Atlassian

Design, april, fools

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Burka via @Kevinrose, Linked In via @conrey

Jessica Patterson

Jessica Patterson

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