The Digitizer: Limited Edition, Graphic Eye-Candy Affinity Cycle

April 2, 2011

The Digitizer: Limited Edition, Graphic Eye-Candy Affinity Cycle

Design, bicycle, digitizer

The "Digitizer" is a beautiful and graphic piece of bicycle art. Affinity Cycles constructed the bike with their "Kissena" track frame and Kenzo Minami, an artist and designer who grew up in Japan in the 80’s, designed the graphic elements of the bicycle. The "Digitizer" comes as a highly limited run of only 20 special edition bikes, and, in turn, a steep price tag: $5000. With these wheels, you'd definitely fit in well with Affinity's ascribed clientele (professional racers, fashionable commuters and elite bicycle messengers).

Design, bicycle, digitizer

Affinity describes Minami's influences and style in their bicycle bio, which I found interesting. You can definitely see how his past experiences translate into the form of the Digitizer: "During [the 80s], Japan had experienced a huge economic boom fueled by the country’s technological supremacy. The graphic design that dominated this era was one that underscored the “more is more” attitude. Japanese design embraced a euphoric idealism of the new digital frontier where design became a fantastic reflection of the technology itself. Kenzo’s inspiration for “Digitizer” came from this nostalgia of his childhood. However, this inspiration is tempered with a practical purpose. “Within the chaos of visual information found on the city streets it is important that the design allows the bicycle to stand out and be recognized by both pedestrians and cars alike,” reflects artist Kenzo Minami. "The colors and patterns on the bicycle were carefully conceived and laid out with the understanding that they will not only be seen when the frame and wheels are static but more importantly how they will be transformed when the bicycle is in motion."

Design, bicycle, digitizer

This photo was snapped in the Affinity Shop, New York, by Milltag.

Cinecycle curated the digitizer project, bringing Affinity and Minami together to create an object with outstanding form, function and design. Each bike includes a Cinecyle "Digitizer" DVD.

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