Embossed Album Design by Martin Kvamme

January 4, 2012

Embossed Album Design by Martin Kvamme

This album cover design comes to us from Martin Kvamme of Snøhetta Design. The packaging was designed for Mike Patton's score for Costanzo's film adaption of La Solitudine Dei Numberi, aka The Solitude of Prime Numbers.

Design, Kvamme, album

According to Kvamme, "The rose leaf is printed CMYK on both sides, [and] the front has a UV gloss coating and every single vein of the leaf has been blind embossed to give its surface a nice texture. The songs are numbered as prime numbers, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 etc and are programmed this way when you play the CD."

As if the photo detail and die-cut leaf didn't add enough realism, the veins and gloss transparency make the leaf print even more convincing as a folded package. The prime numbering is a thoughtful detail, and the "un-boxing" process seems to have its own, deliberate effect at each stage.

Design, Kvamme, album
Design, Kvamme, album
Design, Kvamme, album
Design, Kvamme, album
Design, Kvamme, album
Design, Kvamme, album

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