Faux Woodgrain Bikes: Process Video and Business Story

July 9, 2011

Faux Woodgrain Bikes: Process Video and Business Story

For over 40 years, since he first entered the "Panel Beating" (auto body repair) business straight out of school in New Zealand, Rob Pollock has been perfecting the art of faux woodgraining. He learned the technique at an internship, and the effect was normally used in the restoration of classic and vintage cars, but Rob continued to develop the skill, and now offers his skills for bike enthusiasts.

His son, Aaron Pollack, asked Rob to woodgrain a bike frame, and from that request Rob's Woodgrain Bikes was born. Aaron, a freelance designer and art director, coordinates the business from New York, and Rob paints the bikes by hand in his garage in New Zealand. They hope to "create something you would just as soon hang on the wall as ride on the street." And each bike, like a painting, is completely unique.

Design, robswoodgrain, bikes

Design, robswoodgrain, bikes

The effects really are beautiful and convincing. You can choose to send in a raw frame for Rob to paint or purchase a frame from the shop. They currently offer three color choices but say there's promise for an expanded palette.

Design, robswoodgrain, bikes

Design, robswoodgrain, bikes

Read more about Rob and Aaron's story at the etsy article All in the Family.

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