Fringe Glyphs: Deciphering the Code

November 8, 2010

Fringe Glyphs: Deciphering the Code

Are you a fan of Fringe?

If you have seen the show, you know that images are flashed on the screen at commercial breaks.

Fringe 1

Until now, I hadn't noticed any pattens or real meaning for these images, but Jillian Sanchez has broken the code for those mysterious images.

Fringe 2

He says the it’s a simple one-to-one, monoalphabetic substitution cypher. The position of the yellow dot next to the glyph determines the corresponding letter.

So next time you see the images flash on the screen during Fringe, you can grab this key and decipher the code for yourself.

Fringe 3

Lisa Andrews

Lisa Andrews

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