A Gallery-Based Printer's Site: The Göteborgstryckeriet Site Design by Lundgren+Lindqvist

May 7, 2012

A Gallery-Based Printer's Site: The Göteborgstryckeriet Site Design by Lundgren+Lindqvist

Swedish design and creative agency Lundgren+Lindqvist were tasked with creating a new site design and user experience for Göteborgstryckeriet. Through GBGT's four devisions of subspecialties, the high-end print house handles every type of job, from the most technically advanced to the most extensive.

After a recent rebranding, GBGT approached L+L to rethink their website. Since the agency itself is a GBGT customer, they tried to think of features they would appreciate during the printing process, deciding to make the site "not only a reference hub, but a good starting point when planning a print project." To play toward both of those needs, they structured the site around an inspiration gallery with a large collection of reference projects, functioning as a natural focal point for the site and a feature that would attract visitors.

design, GBGT, design
design, GBGT, design

To help users navigate the site, they categorized projects by type (e.g. book), printing technique/s (e.g. embossing) and paper type (e.g. uncoated), allowing visitors to browse easily projects by their interest and need. For example, "perhaps a designer wants to see what silver foil on coated and uncoated paper looks like before making a final decision on which one to go for? The Inspiration Gallery will then serve as an aid in helping the designer making a well informed decision."

design, GBGT, design

In order to launch the site with a respectable number of posts, L+L gathered 32 GBGT projects, and together with photographer Cora Hillebrand, captured a total of 145 images. The library contains overview images combined with close-ups and detail shots to fully capture each technique.

design, GBGT, design
design, GBGT, design

The large number of images proved to be a challenge in design. They needed to keep each post in the overview section small, but because many of the images highlight specific printing techniques, users needed an option of easily switching to large scale images. L+L answered this need by created three gallery views—the Thumbnail Overview gives the visitor a quick overview of the projects, while the Gallery View displays larger images and additional information in more of a classic blog layout. Finally, Fullscreen View maximizes the images on the screen and still offers easy navigation with mouse or keyboard.

design, GBGT, design
design, GBGT, design
design, GBGT, design

The multiple layouts also help ensure that the website will be visually attractive and function well across an array of devices and platforms. Switching between the gallery views is seamless and intuitive—clicking a post thumbnail grows the image to gallery size and clicking an image again initiates the fullscreen view. "The same seamlessness is utilized through-out the site for a smooth browsing experience. Many sections of the site can be collapsed in order to swiftly reach content further down. In many sections, additional content appear automatically when a user interacts with an element. For instance, a full thumbnail overview (containing every image in that project) appear when the visitor hover a thumbnail on the main page and images of staff members appear when the visitor hover their names in the contact section."

For the full experience, please visit the Göteborgstryckeriet site.

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