Gift Couture's Tasty Wrapping Paper: Build a Gift Burger

December 25, 2011

Gift Couture's Tasty Wrapping Paper: Build a Gift Burger

I would have loved to see this delicious gift under the tree almost as much as I'd want to tear it apart.

This Cheeseburger wrap was dreamed up by Sarah Fay and Justin Colt, New York-based designers and freelancers. Their concept paper reached its funding goals on Kickstarter (still seven days to donate if you want to get your hands on the ingredients), and they'll soon begin production on the Cheeseburger paper, the first wrap set to be included in their designer wrap collection, Gift Couture

Design, giftcouture, packaging
Design, giftcouture, packaging
Design, giftcouture, packaging

They also award high-level donors with the Golden Hamburger. Win!

Design, giftcouture, packaging

They've already received lots of requests for bacon, and I'd love to see a wrap buffet where you can select from a bunch of ingredients to design your own tasty gift stack. Yum.

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Jessica Patterson

Jessica Patterson

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