Happy Birthday Twitter! You've Inspired Some fun Design these Past Five Years

March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Twitter! You've Inspired Some fun Design these Past Five Years

We've recently started sharing our favorite design Tweets from Last Week, and over the past year we have shared designerly tweet goodies here and there at design.org (see the end of this post for related links). And as many (or most) of you may know, today marked Twitter's 5th birthday. To celebrate, I thought I'd share some fun, twitter-centric designs I found lurking on the interwebs.

Lego Twitter Bird (via Gearfuse)Design, twitter, birthday

Typo Twitter (via vi.sualize.us)Design, twitter, birthday

Blue Twitter Chicks by *dtrans (via Idiot Code)Design, twitter, birthday

Twitter Nails (via the life of Camilla Stenmark)Design, twitter, birthday

Fail Whale Tattoo (via Forever Geek)Design, twitter, birthday

Laptop Sleeve by Mareri (via Women Life Style)Design, twitter, birthday

Plastic Tweet (via Zedomax)Design, twitter, birthday

Twitter Postcard (via Daily Design Discoveries)Design, twitter, birthday

Chubby Twitters (via Specky Boy)Design, twitter, birthday

Twitter Icon Collage & Cool Tweets (via Vectorvu)Design, twitter, birthday
Design, twitter, birthday

Twitter Crash (via The Next Web)Design, twitter, birthday

Twitter Sketch by Horrendous FiascoDesign, twitter, birthday

Fail Whale by David Pache (via urlesque)Design, twitter, birthday

Fail Whale T-Shirt (via DesignVerb)Design, twitter, birthday

Fail Whale Pale Ale (via Bitrebels)Design, twitter, birthday
Design, twitter, birthday

Helvetwitca (via Idiot Code)Design, twitter, birthday

Fail Whale and A Little Bird Told Me by Moda di MagnoDesign, twitter, birthday
Design, twitter, birthday

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Jessica Patterson

Jessica Patterson

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