The Holey Board: A Sustainable and Portable Pedalboard

October 24, 2011

The Holey Board: A Sustainable and Portable Pedalboard

Chris Trifilio, a gigging musician / product designer, who appreciates the needs of the travelling musician. Through his Kickstarter project, the Holey Board Deluxe, he hopes to raise enough funding to produce a run of his pedal board design. See more images and Chris's product video below.

Design, holeyboard, music
Design, holeyboard, music

His wooden design stands out from the industry standard of functionally lacking and expensive carpet / velcro boards. The wooden Holey Board uses zip ties to secure pedals, keeping them securely in place while still allowing for easy repositioning. He points out that velcro boards allow pedals to slide around and make it easy for unsavory folks to pluck them off in passing. He also built a second tier for the board, which doubles in function to both lift back pedals up for easy access and stow a power source or strip.

Design, holeyboard, music

The solid positioning and built in handles also make for great grab 'n' go access without the risk of expensive pedals dropping off, and the blank wood acts as a potential canvas for band graphics, personalization and expression.

Support his project and learn more at the Holey Board Deluxe Kickstarter page, and for more images, visit his website, Chemistry Design Werks.

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