Home Design: Douglas Coupland

September 16, 2010

Home Design: Douglas Coupland

Coupland ShapesDouglas Coupland purchased a second home next door to his primary residence in Vancouver, Canada, where he has created a home full of unique art. Coupland was an artist before becoming a well known author and he designed many of the art pieces in his new renovated mid century home.
Here he displays colorful spools of thread. He encourages guests to pull on the strings as a form of entertainment.
Lego Pillar
Mr. Coupland uses white legos to add to a post in an upstairs gallery space.
Both a real fireplace and an artistic fireplace adorn a wall in a living space.
downy bottle
A giant Downy Fabric Softner Bottle sits atop the original flagstone floor.
Mouse Trap
The $3 game of Mouse Trap found at a flea market is surrounded by beautiful furniture.

The New York Times wrote an article on Mr. Couplands home. The article shares more home photos and information on the residence.

Photos taken by Martin Tessler for The New York Times

Lisa Andrews

Lisa Andrews

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