Honest Logos Say It Like It Is

January 7, 2012

Honest Logos Say It Like It Is

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that's the case, a well-designed logo must be worth a million. It's something so simple, yet so loaded, it can make or break a business; instill trust and inspire respect from your patrons, or seriously rub them the wrong way. (Anyone remember the Gap logo redesign fiasco just a few months ago?) For the corporate behemoths, it's a universally recognized symbol synonymous with their products or services. Graphic artist Viktor Hertz takes on a cheeky perspective of some corporate logos, breaking them down to their simple truths.

It's a sign of great design that we can rather easily identify which companies these faux logos are poking fun of. But considering the fact we're constantly bombarded by advertising (the average person is exposed to upwards of 5,000 ad images a day!), is it really any wonder when we remember the stuff? If you haven't put your logo design knowledge to the test, you might try your hand at this quiz on Sporcle. I'll admit I got a nearly perfect score, which I can't decide is something to be proud of or not...

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Lindsey Burrows

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