Identity and Material for Adelaide Festival of Arts 2012 by Mash

December 2, 2011

Identity and Material for Adelaide Festival of Arts 2012 by Mash

This identity for the Adelaide Festival of Arts 2012 was concocted by Mash design and branding studio in Australia. It immediately made me happy, with it's interesting shapes and illustrations, cheerful color and dynamic type layouts.

They created a two part identity with a subtle, timeless geometric icon as the core of the festival brand, "something to go on for years to come?" The is intentionally flexible and variable—"the icon itself can be positioned vertically or horizontally. Rules of dimension to not apply to art, so too for our festival icon. Two triangular cones intersect and overlap, an all seeing eye, the stage lights of our minds, the materialisation of the artists mind into the real world; you decide."

Design, Adelaide, mash

And the counterpart of the icon is something that changes each year to encompass that year's festival feel. They decided on an abstracted, handcrafted approach, so as not to conflict or compete with the actual art and performance of the festival. Thus far they've shared: Festival posters, sneak peek invites, program guides, show posters and a sub brand for ‘Barrio’ a musical shanty town of performance wonder for after dark.

Design, Adelaide, mash
Design, Adelaide, mash
Design, Adelaide, mash
Design, Adelaide, mash

Adelaide- based Design Lab worked with the print layouts and artwork for the festival's branding and collateral, and their lovely website was crafted by design and communications studio Image and Substance.

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