Interior Design: Recycled Lamp Shades

September 24, 2010

Interior Design: Recycled Lamp Shades

Lamps can perfectly finish of the design of a room. Here's a look at a few interesting lamp shades using recycled items.
bottle cap lamp shade
Espirit Cambane had a great tutorial on how you can make this lamp shade from recycled bottle caps.
beach ball light
Toby Sanders, creative director of TOBYhouse created these lamp shades from recycled beach balls.
flower lamp shade
Beautifully designed hydrangea pendant lamp by Sarah foot in the newest issue of Sweet Paul Magazine.
slide lamp shade
Sabina Batelman created this lamp shade from recycled film slides. Read more about how Sabina assembled this clever lamp shade.
banan lamp shade
Dutch designer, Anne Kejakobs created this lamp from ten Chiquita cartons that she rescued from the streets.

Lisa Andrews

Lisa Andrews

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