JETSET: A Nostalgic Travel Tracking App Concept

May 26, 2012

JETSET: A Nostalgic Travel Tracking App Concept

Students Andrew Spitz, Markus Schmeiduch, and Katie Kindinger created the JETSET Travel app concept for their Graphical User Interface class at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design in Denmark.

Due to ongoing development purposes, the creators have requested to temporarily remove the details of this post. They will be reporting back to us as soon as the app comes to fruition, and since we would loved to see this app in the works, we'd like to respect their wishes.

Inspired by the 1960s and the "golden-age" of Pan Air-esque air travel—a glamourous period of travel for elite and well-dressed jet setters, they hope to bring a little of this indulgent sophistication back to the travel experience through the iPhone app design JETSET. The app will allow users to track flight history in a nostalgic and attractive interface, among other functions we'll talk more about after its release!

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Jessica Patterson

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