Jotly: Record Everything Your Ever Wanted to Say to Everyone

May 9, 2012

Jotly: Record Everything Your Ever Wanted to Say to Everyone

This is it. The ONLY rating app you'll ever need, allowing you to share "everything with everyone everywhere," because what you think is that important. As the pinnacle of social sharing, Jotly allows you to rate anything and everything with location-based photos, tags and a comprehensive rating system.

Originally a playful poke at our obsession with social sharing and the desire of many to share every thought they poss, the app's creators, Alex Cornell with California-based creative lab Firespotter, saw an opening and jimmied in another social app. After their video met with success and enjoyment, they developed Jotly into a full-fledged app. Features and benefits include:

+ Rate anything. Even yourself.
+ Rate nothing. This will be fascinating to friends and foes.
+ Sign up without Facebook or Twitter.
+ Search for nearby items. Even if it's a piece of lint, it might be really awesome. Jotly will help you find it.
+ Find the best and worst things at any place. Like ducks? Jotly will show you big and little ducks.
+ Move about freely. The app will automatically follow you.
+ Earn influence points and build (street) credit.
+ Earn a living.

Design, app, jotly
Design, app, jotly
Design, app, jotly

The creators took a bit of a jab at their own rating and sharing app, Nosh, which lets users connect with a network of friends to share reviews, photograph and rate restaurant meals. Despite its roots in spoofdom, Firespotter didn't scrimp on the UI. It's bold, cheerful and really quite easy to use. If it takes off, it will be fun to see what other people rate around us, especially from those who have a talent for clever observations and words.

Design, app, jotly

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Jessica Patterson

Jessica Patterson

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