Movie Scenes in Lego by Alex Eylar

February 11, 2011

Movie Scenes in Lego by Alex Eylar

Alex Eylar, a Lego fanatic in California, has created over 30 film scenes in Lego, and I could not stop looking through themm. He recently posted scenes from the 2010 Best Picture Nominees, a few of which are in the collection below.

Design, Movie, LegoBlack Swan

Design, Movie, LegoAmerican Beauty

Design, Movie, Lego127 Hours

Design, Movie, Lego2001: A Space Odyssey

Design, Movie, LegoBlue Valentine

The scenes are ridiculously accurate, and it continues to amaze me with what people can create with Legos, like the Angry Birds Legos and the Buckeyes Stadium model we've shared in the past.

Design, Movie, LegoA Clockwork Orange

Design, Movie, LegoDie Hard

Design, Movie, LegoHarry Potter

Design, Movie, LegoInception

Design, Movie, LegoInglourious Basterds

Design, Movie, LegoPsycho

Design, Movie, LegoRaiders of the Lost Ark

Design, Movie, LegoThe Adams Family

Design, Movie, LegoThe Exorcist

Design, Movie, LegoThe Fighter

Design, Movie, LegoThe Shining

Bonus: Meet the Internet (I feel like lolcats could have been in there. Just Sayin')

Design, Internet, Lego

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Jessica Patterson

Jessica Patterson

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