Mysterium Wine: A Light-Revealed Brand for Lounges

August 1, 2012

Mysterium Wine: A Light-Revealed Brand for Lounges

The packaging for Mysterium Wine pulls double duty, simultaneously appealing to a new demographic and providing current wine drinkers with a fresh and rewarding wrapper representative of the contents.

Produced by Jidvei, Mysterium is a new limited wine series aimed at an under-harvested market segment—the night clubbers and lounge-goers who prefer the flashier packaging of alternative spirits. Jidvei's owner, who is one of the most competitive wine makers in Romania, hopes to gain the trust of that market with this targeted branding.

The concept of the Mysterium wine label originated with the secret of the vino's making. Up to three varieties of hand-picked grapes are combined for a unique blend in every bottle, and the actual formula remains secret, making the final product "a mystery in itself" and something to be discovered. Spotlight Design translated that story into the label design by revealing the wine’s title only in a special light—read, club lights(!).

Design, wine, packaging

I love how the packaging uses a maze-like design pattern to convey a mysterious feel commiserate with the brand. The hand-crafted 'Mysterium' type vanishes into the pattern itself, inviting the potential customer to pick up the bottle and 'decode' the blend of wines contained. The foil stamped labels are a beautiful touch, offset by the dark background of the bottle itself, and adds texture and brilliance in the low-lit locales that Mysterium is intended to lurk.

Design, wine, packaging
Design, wine, packaging
Design, wine, packaging
Design, wine, packaging

Designed by Spotlight and Ion Barbu

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