New Big Ten Logo Design vs. New Pac-10 Logo Design

December 15, 2010

New Big Ten Logo Design vs. New Pac-10 Logo Design

Recently, the Pac-10 Conference launched a massive re-branding project as part of their new expansion efforts. After announcing the additions of two new schools, the conference debuted their new logo designed by Mutt Industries.

Pac-10 Logo Design

The intent of this graphic design project was to create a sleek logo that would reflect the league's new position as an innovator, as well as to design something that allowed younger people to identify with it. Planning ahead, the placement of the 10 in an open circle will allow the league to easily update the mark to Pac "12" in the near future. The new logo was "designed to reflect an increasingly fan-friendly, innovative future for the Conference of Champions," according to Pac-10 officials.

The logo is part of an initiative to enable the conference to "tell its story more effectively and leverage technology to engage an enlarging fan base." The almost-muscular logo attempts to represent both the mountains and surf so commonly found territory that encompasses the conference schools.

Not to be out-done, the Big Ten conference just revealed a new identity package to be used for all conference sporting events beginning with the 2011-12 academic year when another school joins the league. Like the Pac-10 logo, the Big Ten logo was developed to symbolize the conference’s ever-evolving future while taking advantage of the conference’s brand equity.
Big Ten Logo Design
The new logo was developed by Michael Bierut and Michael Gericke of the internationally-acclaimed design firm Pentagram. According to the designers, the new logo evolved from this use of negative space and is built on the conference’s iconic name without reference to the number of member institutions.

They wanted direct and simple, yet memorable and distinctive. The resulting logo features contemporary collegiate lettering with an embedded numeral ‘10’ in the word ‘BIG’. By doing so, it allows fans to see ‘BIG’ and ‘10’ in a single word and still identify with the brand.

What do you think? Which logo design to you prefer? Which logo design accomplishes their objective better?

Bret Feddern

Bret Feddern

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