Nike Fuelband: Not Your Mama's Pedometer

January 20, 2012

Nike Fuelband: Not Your Mama's Pedometer

I wondered when someone would decide that pedometers just weren't cutting it. Most on the market are clunky, imprecise and lack any additional (but intuitive) features. Nike promises to capture and measure your daily activity in a new and more inclusive way that's not limited to steps or distance. The Nike Fuel Band features a sleek design that tracks your activity with their accelerometer and translates it into a value they dub NikeFuel.

Earn more to burn more—the band and app combo track fuel, calories, steps and time to let you see your life activity from a broader perspective. The app challenges you to "make life a sport" by setting goals, challenging yourself and unlocking special achievements along the way, allowing you to share achievements through Facebook or Twitter. And, at the very least, it makes for a slick watch.

The band features 100 white LED lights to display simple text messages of numbers and labels, slightly channeling the flip-disc displays of old. It tracks your performance with its 20 side-mounted color LEDs and a simple button lets you navigate between features—stopwatch-style.

design, nikefuelband, industrial
design, nikefuelband, industrial
design, nikefuelband, industrial
design, nikefuelband, industrial

We're wondering—while it's a fine specimen of function, sporty fashion and industrial-design—how much is too much? It's one thing to motivate, but will the focus shift from the actual act of and desire for activity to simply one-upping your numbers to pat yourself on the back and share via social media? What do you think, is this a training tool for serious athletes, a motivator for fitness or merely a novelty for the casual, techie athlete?

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