Odosketch: A Digital Canvas App with Artistic Results

November 15, 2011

Odosketch: A Digital Canvas App with Artistic Results

Odosketch by Odopod, a creative agency in San Francisco, recently celebrated 100,000 members. They designed the digital drawing interface when Adobe asked them to create a work to be featured in the Adobe Design Gallery.

Odopod used the opportunity to flex their technical skills and design savvy by developing a digital canvas that doesn't feel like a digital canvas. Odosketch recreates the sketchbook experience on screen using paper textures and a toolbox of brushes that produce layered color and intentional imperfection in line and stroke. Below you'll find some grabs of the UI and featured sketches from artists on the site.

They also built in a play-back feature that shows how a sketch came to life, revealing the creative process of the artist.

Communication Arts put it well when they said "We're not certain which impresses us more, the application or the work people are creating with it." Odopod continues to develop the app, evolving an even better experience for casual doodlers and loyal followers.
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Ward Andrews

Ward Andrews

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