The Passing of Time Illustrations by Neil Warburton

April 18, 2011

The Passing of Time Illustrations by Neil Warburton

Design, neilwarburton, illustration("No Second Chance")

Neil Warburton, an illustrator and designer, created this series, "The Passing of Time," as a personal illustration project to express and document his emotions through perspective and symbolism.

Design, neilwarburton, illustration("The Sea")

Design, neilwarburton, illustration("Between Forced Smiles")

Neil says, "The project spawned from a need to express myself from an emotional personal experience I had gone through and is an experimentation with depth, narrative and symbolism as the story unfolds through the four pieces. The balloons have carried through to other works I have created since. Representing Love - one of the strongest of human emotions, and when adding them to my work there's always a sense of hope floating and hidden within the piece no matter what story unfolds in the work."

"I've always had a fascination with tower blocks and their stark and repetitive nature and really wanted an opportunity to use these within my work, this project gave me the opportunity to use them in a way to help the narrative of the artwork unfold and gave me scope to develop their use in further works."

Design, neilwarburton, illustration("Be Careful What you Wish for")

He finds inspiration through the work of others, emotions and things he sees around him and strives to effectively communicate messages in equally potent visual forms in all areas of his work.

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