The Periodic Table Table by Theodore Gray

March 5, 2012

The Periodic Table Table by Theodore Gray

Theodore Gray, a founder of Wolfram Research, really loves elements. So much so that he has amassed a collection of thousands of samples. After reading Uncle Tungsten by Oliver Sacks, he thought that the London Science Museum's periodic table displayed samples of the elements on a table. When he discovered that he had misread the passage and the Museum's table was actually a normal, wall-mounted version, he embraced the misunderstanding and decided to created the table he has imagined.

After doing some research and discovering that no one had created one, he decided that "the world needs a periodic table table." His structure is—as far as he knows—the first of its kind. Hear more about the object and his eclectic collection below ↓

"Theo Gray is 2011 winner of the ACS Grady Stack Award for Interpreting Chemistry for the Public. The Periodic Table Table is a testament to Theo's love for chemistry—as well as his Ebay buying habits."

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