Photoshop Goes Mobile: Touch Apps for iPads and Tablets

May 10, 2011

Photoshop Goes Mobile: Touch Apps for iPads and Tablets

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Adobe has released Photoshop CS5.5 with Photoshop Mobile and Tablet Apps to connect your on-the-go creative life to your design command station.

Not only can you send and synch files directly to photoshop from your mobile phone (think photos and images) and tablet (think notes, sketches, art and comps), but they also developed creative apps unique to mobile devices:

-Adobe Easel for painting on the iPad

-Adobe Nav for creating a custom toolbar and selecting tools live in Photoshop

-Adobe Color Lava for mixing custom palettes—painterly style—and sending them directly to Photoshop.

The video collection below explains the different apps and the developers' goals, and they look like fun. The last video also details how to update to CS5.0.4 free, which allows you to use the apps with Photoshop.

Color Lava:

Adobe Nav:

Adobe Easel:

Some Production Narration:

Touch App Details and Setup:

Do you think these apps will be helpful in the creative process? Would you use them?

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Thanks Ben!

Jessica Patterson

Jessica Patterson

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