Pimp Out your iPhone: 23 Great and Geeky Cases

January 31, 2011

Pimp Out your iPhone: 23 Great and Geeky Cases

We've posted about a few fun iPhone cases in the past, including the Etch A Sketch iPhone case and the Polaroid iPhone decal. Since we've come across a few more fun cases, I collected them here, featuring the good, the cooky and the completely unpractical.

Design, iPhone, cardboard
Recession iPhone Case from Case Mate

Design, iPhone, phone
80s iPhone via Gizmodo

Design, iPhone, gameboy
Design, iPhone, gameboy
Gameboy Cover from iPWN.

Design, iPhone, chocolate
Chocolate Bar Via Walyou.

Design, iPhone, hamburgerDesign, iPhone, pastry
Breakfast Pastry and Cheeseburger Sleeves from Barry's Farm

Design, iPhone, domo
Domo Kun Sleeve Geeky Gadgets

Design, iPhone, game
Design, iPhone, game
Design, iPhone, game
Game Sleeves (when available from Rabbit Rampage

Design, iPhone, gasket
Gasket Case from id America

Design, iPhone, camera
Retro Camera Sleeve from Crank

Design, iPhone, monster
Monster Case via Fanboy

Design, iPhone, tripod
Tripod Case from XShot

Design, iPhone, gpod
gPod Case via GadgetSin

Design, iPhone, tripod
Calculator Case Tech Fever

Design, iPhone, bottle opener
Bottle Opener Case via The iPhone Guru

Design, iPhone, fanDesign, iPhone, fan
Fan Case Browse Tools

Design, iPhone, hippo
ArkHippo via Gadgetizer

Design, iPhone, chalkboard
iBlackboard via HardwareSphere

Design, iPhone, grove
Design, iPhone, grove
Custom and Artist Series Laser Engraved Cases from Grove

Design, iPhone, cassetteDesign, iPhone, cassette
Cassette Tape Urban Outfitters

Design, iPhone, revolver
iRevolver via intomobile

Design, iPhone, keyboard
Keyboard Case via Think Geek

Design, iPhone, sushiDesign, iPhone, sushi
Design, iPhone, cake
Sushi and Cake from Strapya

Design, iPhone, black bookDesign, iPhone, black book
Little Black Book from Pad and Quill

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Jessica Patterson

Jessica Patterson

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