Protect IP /SOPA Breaks the Internet: Infographic Video and Internet Blackout

January 19, 2012

Protect IP /SOPA Breaks the Internet: Infographic Video and Internet Blackout

This infographic video comes to us from Fight for the Future, a non-profit organization helping organize the strike against the web censorship bills SOPA and PIPA.

We've all grown accustomed enjoying the internet as a free and open marketplace of ideas, information and imagery, but the SOPA / PIPA bills could change our experience and access drastically. I'll let the video do the elaborating, but this will be a pivotal moment in history and for the future.

Many websites took today to "blackout" and censor themselves to spread the word and go on strike against SOPA and PIPA. Most offered some way to take action, whether it be contacting a senator or signing petitions. See some nicely designed examples below.




Zachary Johnson's responsive blackout page

Morise Comics

And some humor with a purpose:

The Oatmeal's page also makes me chuckle. And, if none of this is enough to convince you, consider this: if this bill passes, Justin Bieber could be jailed for five years. Free Bieber! Visit Fight for the Future for more information on how to get involved and make a difference.

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Thanks for sharing Lindsey!

Jessica Patterson

Jessica Patterson

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