Pulse: An Urban Bike Concept from Teague

April 1, 2012

Pulse: An Urban Bike Concept from Teague

Part Tron fantasy bicycle, part safety powerhouse, this bicycle concept by Teague marries form and function in a beautiful way. The Pulse bike injects safety features that manage to add cool to the classically inspired frame instead of detracting from it. The mid-section of the bike is coated with photo-luminescent powder for added visibility and safety during night riding. They incorporated intuitive and common-sense controls for safety and sophistication, including bar-end mounted LED turn signals. A removable and rechargeable battery bundle powers the lights and can be charged with a micro USB cell phone charger.

Pulse was "inspired by single seat, two-wheeled simplicity, the Fixie and the Fighter," bringing together solid, time-tested components with modern features invented for "the urban landscape, drawing new eyes to centuries old technology for human locomotion."

Design, pulse, bicycle
Design, pulse, bicycle
Design, pulse, bicycle
Design, pulse, bicycle

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