Pushing Boundaries: Poster Designs for The Design Society Conference 2011

February 15, 2011

Pushing Boundaries: Poster Designs for The Design Society Conference 2011

SILNT (pronounced Si'lent), based in Singapore, designed these campaign posters for the 2011 Design Society Conference: Design Boundaries. The mazes are a metaphor for those who have broken out of the defined box of "designer" and work across multiple disciplines and specialties. Not only do I think the posters are great, but the idea behind the conference is exciting too.

design, SILNT, poster
design, SILNT, poster
design, SILNT, poster

I like this quote from the The Design Society's Conference page: "How far will you go to challenge yourself and push your boundaries as a creative individual? What are the rewards that some of Singapore’s most restless designers have reaped venturing out of their comfort zone?" If you step back and ask yourself the same question, what answer do you get? I'm constantly learning new things in my work, but I could definitely push myself further on my own time.

Like Tom talked about a while back in his Being a Better Design Student post, the best students are those who explore creativity all the time, not just as part of an assignment. Why is that so easy to forget once we step out into the real world (I know I'm not alone here)? And it's true that those who remember not to forget—to draw, to sketch, to write, to paint, to reflect—are often the most talented, successful and talked about designers and creatives. I know I'm still learning, as are most designers, but apart of my goals for this year is to expand and develop my talents and skills, both personally and professionally, starting with drawing something, even if it's just a little doodle, every day.

Do you do anything to develop you creativity on a daily basis, to push yourself? Have you stepped out of the box, and used unexpected media or elements? I'd love to hear about it!

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Jessica Patterson

Jessica Patterson

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