QlockTwo: A Typographic Hand-Free Clock Design

January 8, 2012

QlockTwo: A Typographic Hand-Free Clock Design

Multidisciplinary design agency Biegert & Funk—based in Germany—are the minds behind the modern and sleek Qlock2 clock design. The QlockTwo and QlockTwo Touch use typography instead of numerals to display the time within a perfect square, and white LED lights highlight the current hour by backlighting the corresponding words, creating a statement of time rather than just a numerical marker.

Design, qlock2, clock
Design, qlock2, clock
Design, qlock2, clock

The front surface of QlockTwo is constructed with polished acrylic glass, and the lacquered wooden body adheres itself to the front with magnets, eliminating the need for visible anchors, The timer setting, when activated, sets itself exact to the second and adjusts the brightness of the characters to ambient light. QlockTwo Touch is a table and alarm clock cut from a single block of aluminum and the display features the same precision-cut typographic display as its big sister. See the milling process in the video below.

Design, qlock2, clock
Design, qlock2, clock
Design, qlock2, clock

Both clocks are available at the Biegert & Funk Store in seven different colors, with plans to offer a black-metal addition QlockTwo Touch. The clock design garnered both RedDot and iF Product Design Awards in 2010.

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