The Rev-->Table: Furniture with a Digital Fingerprint

December 14, 2011

The Rev-->Table: Furniture with a Digital Fingerprint

The rev-->table was created by the MIT team Supermechanical to bring back some old traditions in a modern way. The solid oak top meets with sturdy, powder-coated steel legs to create a durable and high-quality piece of handiwork, manufactured in the US. And, with the addition of an etched aluminum barcode, the table gets a little smarter.

The team notes that many items today are not built to last, and in years past most objects came with maintenance and instruction manuals because people didn't simple throw something away when it—they fixed it. Supermechanical brings that mentality to their table design by embedding digital DNA into piece. By scanning the file code laser-etched into the surface, anyone can access design schematics to create replacement or modified parts to fix or customize your piece.

Design, rev-- />table, furniture
Design, rev-- />table, furniture

With the help of the digital blueprint, owners can modify the legs to change the style—make them longer, angled or art deco. They envision their concept as furniture design "for the future of manufacturing."

Design, rev-- />table, furniture
Design, rev-- />table, furniture
Design, rev-- />table, furniture

While some might not like the code on the surface of the table (I think it's an interesting touch for the right home), it's an awesome concept that could be hidden on the underside of furniture if desired. I have certain furniture I'd love to modify, and having the schematics available as digital files would be helpful in planning and execution.

Contact Supermechanical for purchasing and customization information.

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