Scary Type #1: Papyrus

October 7, 2011

Scary Type #1: Papyrus

For the approaching halloween holiday, asked me to illustrate some scary type situations. The first offender: Papyrus.

Papyrus had its time, and that was in ancient Egypt when it was used to make mummies and scrolls. So the next time you're thinking about using it on a fine dining menu, resume or billboard, ask yourself, "does this go well with embalming?"

Look for my next Scary Type Situation next Friday!

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Jay Roeder

Jay Roeder

Hey, I’m Jay Roeder. I’m a designer and illustrator, or “design-ustrator” as I like to put it. I’m a freelancer that is basically obsessed anything and everything related to typography and music. My weekdays are spent doing daily drawings, which I post on my site Monday through Friday – check it out at You can follow me on Twitter @TheRoeder.

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