Scary Type #4: Font Overload

October 28, 2011

Scary Type #4: Font Overload

In honor of the approaching Halloween season, asked me to illustrate some scary type situations. The third offender: Font and Graphic Overload, i.e. Less is More.

Apparently you think that 500 pack of clip art is loads of fun, as you gratuitously stamp them all over your designs. And don't you just love those decorative fonts so much (see Papyrus), you sprinkle in 40 of those for good measure? You may think it looks great, but we don’t. Ever heard of the term “less is more”? Ease up and air out those designs – go with something a little more bare-boned, if you know what I mean.

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Jay Roeder

Jay Roeder

Hey, I’m Jay Roeder. I’m a designer and illustrator, or “design-ustrator” as I like to put it. I’m a freelancer that is basically obsessed anything and everything related to typography and music. My weekdays are spent doing daily drawings, which I post on my site Monday through Friday – check it out at You can follow me on Twitter @TheRoeder.

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