Smartphone Folio for Sketchers and Writers

April 14, 2011

Smartphone Folio for Sketchers and Writers

Design, folio, rickshaw

I don't know about you, but sometimes my bag looks like a disaster zone, with pens, pencils, notebook, sketchbook and papers intermingling and smothering my poor phone, which usually ends up ringing out to me from the depths. Rickshaw, a San Francisco-based bag company, created these Phone Folios as a solution for others who suffer from stuff destruction. It's handy organizer for your important items, including a front seat for your smartphone and a cozy compartment for your Moleskine or sketchbook. I'd probably use it in a bag, but it seems like it would be great to carry on its own too.

Design, folio, rickshaw
Design, folio, rickshaw
Design, folio, rickshaw
Design, folio, rickshaw

The folio goes for $50 in an array of colors and fabric styles. See more at the Rickshaw folio page.

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Jessica Patterson

Jessica Patterson

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