Story Mosaics: Photography Group

November 25, 2010

Story Mosaics: Photography Group

When searching some holiday inspiration, I found this image. I love the repetition of the shapes and forms as different objects. The photo compilation, by Dave Larson of Controltheweb, is interesting on it's own, but then I saw that it also told a story.

Design, photography, thanksgiving, mosaic

Using the notes option in flickr, he tagged the photos so that they would tell a literal story as well as a visual one. See the tags matched up below.

Design, photography, thanksgiving, mosaic

This became the first image in the "Story Mosaic" group he created. Many of the mosaics are formatted differently than Dave's (labeling submissions with notes isn't required, but you must include at least nine images, and they must tell a story either on their own or with written prose or poetry included), but they're just as interesting with or without notes. And when I look at many of these, I find myself thinking that they would look pretty awesome translated as vectors or illustrations. A few examples:

Design, photography, thanksgiving, mosaicTim Lawrence

Design, photography, thanksgiving, mosaicerror99

Design, photography, thanksgiving, mosaicSébastien B.

Design, photography, thanksgiving, mosaicGráinne O'Reilly

Design, photography, thanksgiving, mosaicPDR

This could be fun for students or as a creative exercise (either with photos or vectors) to help remember how to tell a story concisely through visuals.

Jessica Patterson

Jessica Patterson

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