SXSW 2011: Can't Miss Schedule for Designers

March 8, 2011

SXSW 2011: Can't Miss Schedule for Designers

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For any designer or big brain interested in interactive product design, this year's SXSW is about fun and games. Playing games teaches designers or the design-minded so much about how people think and the experiences they have. Becoming a student of games and gameplay can elevate your ability to empathize with your audience and draw them into to your design. One of the major themes of this year's SXSW is game design and user experience. Here's my list of talks, panels and events that will show designers and any SXSW attendee to power of games and design.

Gamechanging: Turn Your App Into A Cooperative Game
Friday 2pm Room 12AB

Heath Month and Thor Muller share ways game design relates to experience design, especially in web and mobile apps. This session explores specific game mechanics that engage users like "victory conditions" and "required sharing".

Child's Play: Game Design As An Educational Gateway
Friday 3:30pm Sabine

Colleen Macklin, Idit Harel Caperton, Michael Angst, Nina Walia share their thoughts on the next generation of kids and how game design to can excite and empower a new generation of learners. The panel will explore classroom case studies and the effects of teaching game design to young children.

Games User Research: Oh no! You’re Doing It Wrong!
Friday 5pm Room 12AB

Bill Fulton, Marina Kobayashi, Ray Kowalewski, Rich Ridlen share user research surrounding game scenarios. Make better products and design richer user experiences through user research.

Design, sxsw
Creative Workshop: 80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills
Friday 5:30 Ballroom G

AMODA Digital Showcase
Friday 9pm Mohawk

Laptops. Electronic Music. The battle of bleeps and booms. One of our favorite SXSW traditions.

Design, sxsw

How Print Design is the Future of Interaction
Saturday 9:30 Ballroom A

Mike Kruzeninski, Creative Director at Microsoft discusses how the history of Print Design has become a more important influence on the evolution of Interaction Design. Technology catches up with the ability to present a rich-interactive print-like experience. Aesthetics can be more sophisticated and typography can be more exact and distinctive.

"It's Nature's Way": Innovative Tech Design Through Biomimicry
Saturday 11am Ballroom A

Chris Allen, Holly Harlan, Kathy Zarsky and Michael Dungan share ways that nature can influence technology design. Biomimicry is responsible for successful products like Velcro, photovoltaic solar panels and more efficient Japanese bullet trains.

Keynote: Seth Priebatsch
Saturday 2pm Ballroom D (Simulcasts in other rooms including Ballroom A)

Design Across Disciplines
Saturday 3:30pm Ballroom A

Ben Yarrow, Brett Lider, Elaine Wherry, Matthew Robbins, Stephen Atkinson discuss best practices in interaction design across writing, architecture, event planning and the creative process that form great experiences.

Design, sxsw

Collaboration Over Competition
Saturday 3:30pm Salon C

Derek Neighbors, Jay Baer, Kristie Wells and Sally Strebel share their success in collaborating over competing. Designers can learn how sharing ideas and working together grows their work and business faster. (Note: At and Drawbackwards, we collaborate with members of this panel on a weekly basis).

Design, sxsw

Console & Casual Games Collide!
Saturday 5pm Room 12AB

Greg Zeschuck, Mark Spenner, Ryan Schneider and Tony Mora discuss the emergence of casual game design where even the big game publishers and developers are jumping into the conversation. Learn how designing for casual games differs from traditional console titles and discuss the evolution. (Note: At Drawbackwards, we provide design and consulting for members of this panel).

Designing iPad Interfaces - New Navigation Schemas
Sunday 11am Ballroom A

Lynn Teo identifies the unique challenges that come with designing for new form factors and screen resolutions. Designing for the new constraints of the iPad will be discussed. Based on the assessment of 50+ iPad applications, best practices in navigation design will be shared.

Design-Driven Innovation: How Designers Facilitate the Dialog
Sunday 12:30pm Salon E

Carla Thompson and Jim Nieters share stories of innovation and how building consensus among stakeholders is critical for the launch. The practice of collaborative design workshops will be shared where strategic and user experience designers work together an align their ideas. By building a common vision of a product among all company or organization stakeholders breakthroughs can emerge. Examples of successful innovation workshops will be shared.

Jeffrey Zeldman's Awesome Internet Design Panel
Sunday 5pm Ballroom D

Dan Mall, Jeffrey Zeldman, Mandy Brown and Roger Black share thoughts on Internet design through their immense experience on the topic. If you like the insights shared on A List Apart as much as we do, this is your SXSW panel.

Design, sxsw

Light After Dark Presented by Vimeo + Nikon
Sunday 9pm Seaholm Power Plant

Retina Candy. A/V mixologists. Projection Mapping Artists.

5 Steps to Bulletproof UX Strategy
Monday 11am Ballroom A

Robert Hoekman, Jr shares tactics for design thinking. By designing for user needs products and services meet a higher purpose.

Game On: Design Patterns For User Engagement
Monday 12:30pm Ballroom C

Nadya Direkova discusses design patterns of user engagement. Game-like patterns that get your user to complete a signup process, bring friends back. Patterns and metrics will be presented.

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