Three Components of Good Product Design from Off Book PBS

December 15, 2011

Three Components of Good Product Design from Off Book PBS

"I think cool product design, to me, is something that is timeless."
"What design does at its best, in my opinion, is to accelerate the adoption of new ideas."
"Good Design transcends trends."

These are just a few gems gleaned from this product design snapshot video from PBS and produced by Kornhaber Brown. This Off Book episode showcases designers who put the thought, strategy and aesthetic behind some of the many products we see, touch and interact with each day. They explore quality and design fundamentals, sustainability and experience and ideas on future product construction and interaction.

The video features three designers—one for each topic: Dr. Harvey Moscot of Moscot Eyewear, Yves Behar from Fuseproject and designer of the One Hundred Dollar Laptop, and Peter Schmitt of MIT Personal Robotics Group and a 3D printing designer.

Where would you say the fulcrum of product design falls? As with all design, a multitude of elements work together, but do any of these camps speak to you?

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Thanks to Morgan Crossley from the production team at Kornhaber Brown for sharing at our Facebook Page

Jessica Patterson

Jessica Patterson

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