A Typographic Chess Set: Hat Trick Design

October 23, 2012

A Typographic Chess Set: Hat Trick Design

This chess set from Jim Sutherland of London-based Hat Trick Design is sure to make any typophile, chess nerd swoon. The letter pieces are based on chess notation, doubling as an inherent game reference and mostly literal physical representations.

design, typography, chess

The game pieces take form from the Hoefler & Frere-Jones typeface, Champion Gothic (Lighweight) and were laser cut from 25mm acrylic. The minimal, well-considered game is limited to an edition of 50, and each set includes a black-foiled grey board and packaging.

design, typography, chess
design, typography, chess
design, typography, chess

Sutherland did make a few adjustments to the letterforms to suit their new dimensional roles—he redrew the the Q and P to add stability and restructured the Kt ligature.

We especially enjoyed the pamphlet insert, which echoes the lettered representations and maps out the pieces' movements spatially and graphically.

design, typography, chess
design, typography, chess
design, typography, chess
design, typography, chess

The set runs £275 and is available for purchase in the Hat Trick Shop

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