Wax Magazine: Exploring the Minds of Surfing, Urban Designers

February 29, 2012

Wax Magazine: Exploring the Minds of Surfing, Urban Designers

Wax Magazine is in funding mode over at Kickstarter, and if they succeed, they'll have some interesting perspectives to share with the world. The magazine will be a gathering place of interviews, essays, photography and artwork by designers, artists, film makers, writers and architects who surf and are inspired by surf. Oh yeah, and they live in New York.

Design, wax, magazine
Design, wax, magazine
Design, wax, magazine
Design, wax, magazine

It will be interesting to see if any common attitudes or appreciations emerge that are different or unique amongst these urban surfers. I would imagine that spending hours in and around expanses of ocean and regularly witnessing the palettes of coastal sunsets (or east coast clouds) would have some effect on the mind.

Since the magazine will be a physical print, their funding will go toward creating, printing and distributing the publication. If funded, the first issue will be released in Spring of 2012. If you like the sound of things, make a contribution at their Kickstarter page.

And, we dig the logo.

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