Yamaha Compact THR Amps: Design Conscious Sound Radiators

April 26, 2012

Yamaha Compact THR Amps: Design Conscious Sound Radiators

Yamaha has launched a personal amp for guitarists to experience high-quality sound and effects with more space-friendly dimensions.

The THR5 and 10 amps are touted primarily as being totable—play at home, on the porch, at a friends house and pretty much anywhere except on stage / at the recording studio, while still acheiving the quality expected of a gig amp. Just as enticing and exciting is the design of the amp, which diverges from the standard, squarish mass of black housing with screen or speaker. With heavy retro influence noticeable in the dials, curves of the metal, grate pattern and especially the faux tubes emitting an ambient glow when the lights are low, the THRs become an interesting object in the room instead of a space-sucking eyesore. To me they look like a motel heater emanating sound instead of heat. I like the cozy connotation.

Design, yamaha, THR
Design, yamaha, THR
Design, yamaha, THR
Design, yamaha, THR

See the video below for an entertaining tour and visit the THR site for detailed specs.

Yamaha also developed a coordinating iPhone / iPod app for the delightful amp. THR Session allows musicians to learn from tracks in their device library by enabling quick and easy instrument extraction, tempo slowing, cancellation and key transposition. It seems like they've successfully created a coordinating app with a purpose and not just for the sake of having "an app for that." (note: iTunes states that the App is not yet available in the U.S market, so if anyone out there has tried it out, be sure to let us know what you think!)

Design, yamaha, THR
Design, yamaha, THR

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