Design drives the future. It's beyond style. Design is the best ideas, manifest in something you can see, feel and interact with.

Innovation by Design

Design.org seeks to uncover design excellence and advocate for design value. We love the end product, the solution, a problem solved resulting in beautiful execution. We also love to understand the process of getting there. We see design driving growth and innovation all over the world. Companies like Nike, Apple and Facebook are driving future innovation through design thinking. Political campaigns are won and lost through the power of messages and design of communications. Drugs are now dispensed more effectively through design systems and solutions. Homes are now maintained through smart, simple interfaces. Vehicles are made both more functional and more distinctive through design innovation. Phones dwarf the power former desktop computing and create more joy by the flick of a finger.

The Future

Design.org seeks to honor great ideas, innovation and design solutions and explore how those ideas come about to inspire the next generation of designers to create the future. Design.org was rebooted as a design innovation and inspiration resource by American designer Ward Andrews in 2009. Design.org is designed and developed by Drawbackwards.

From 1994 to 2009 the design.org domain name was owned by Peter Fraterdeus, serving as a home for Semiotx, Inc and Dezine Café.

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