Why we’re rebooting Design.org

For all of us at Drawbackwards, we’ve enjoyed providing Design.org as a design blog about things that inspire us. And we’ve established a company mission to have a greater impact. We want to give away more of what we do and package up how we think and work to see what what others can do with it.

Right now, Drawbackwards is a UX design firm with around 20-30 clients a year, and we want our UX design thinking, passion for visual design, care in front-end development and enthusiasm for creating the future to impact thousands if not millions of people. Impact not only in experiencing what we have created, but in taking what we’ve created and building on top of it.

So starting now, we’re moving forward with these plans.

Drawbackwards will use Design.org as a platform to give away our in-house, modern WordPress framework called Forward.

The first piece of the Forward Framework to be released is our WordPress Starter Theme. It is crafted to allow design to gracefully present itself on any screen or device. It’s lovingly built to be a dream for themers and elegant for front-end developers.

In the future, we will expand Design.org to contain premium design resources. We will create child themes for Forward. We will create a Q&A forum. We will provide access to source art files (Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, etc) we use for the Forward framework and child themes. We will provide exclusive icon sets, design thinking templates and UI kits. We will feature design and development teams leveraging our framework

We hope that our carefully crafted framework, themes and resources will help designers and developers build more efficient and elegant solutions on top of our starting point.

We are excited to give away the Forward Framework Starter Theme. We look forward to seeing what you create with it. Be sure to reach out with questions and send us links to the projects you create with it.

Feedback? Tell us what you think and how we can improve!